About YEGO
How can I file a complaint and/or claim?

It is as simple as sending us your complaint and/or claim through any of the channels referred
to in Section of the Terms and Conditions of Service (to easily locate the Terms and
Conditions of Service see FAQ Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?).

This means that you can send your complaint and/or claim directly to the Customer Service
chat accessible within the YEGO application; by email to [email protected]; or by post or
certified fax to the registered office of the entity providing the service (the address of the
registered office appears in the heading of the Terms and Conditions of Service).

If your complaint and/or claim refers to an incident in Spain, here you will find the official
Complaints Forms made available by the different Autonomous Communities: Catalonia (click
here), Valencia (click here), and Andalusia (click here). You can use any of these forms to file
your complaint and/or claim.

You can also go directly to the website www.consumoresponde.es, where you can complete
online and download the completed complaint and claims form for the Autonomous
Community of Andalusia, as well as for more information use the following email and free
phone number: [email protected] / +34 900 21 50 80.