Riding with YEGO
How do I use YEGO motorbikes?

- Download the YEGO app and create your account;
- Book a motorbike in the app. You have 15 minutes for free to get to the motorbike;
- Unlock the motorbike through the app and open the top case: you will find 2 helmets to travel with whoever you prefer;
- When you unlock the motorbike, the engine starts. You have 20 seconds for free to get ready to ride. After this time, you will be charged per minute driven (according to the current rate in your city);
- When you arrive at your destination, park in an area authorised for motorbikes according to the city’s parking regulations;
- Leave your helmets in the top case and finish the ride from the app. You will hear a locking sound to make sure the top case is securely locked.