Motorbikes, helmets and gloves
What do I need to know about riding electric motorbikes?

Electric motorbikes are very quiet: others may not hear you passing by. Make sure they see you and use the horn to avoid dangerous situations.

They are also very sensitive to acceleration, especially when starting from 0km/h. Be careful when accelerating!

What is the maximum speed of a YEGO motorbike?

The maximum speed is 50km/h. Perfect for riding in the city!

How long can a YEGO travel on 100% battery?

A YEGO with 100% battery can ride for about 2 hours. The time may change depending on terrain, weight, and speed. For long rides or to be sure you reach your destination quickly, we recommend you take motorbikes with at least 70% battery.

How do you recharge the motorbikes’ battery?

Our team regularly changes the motorbikes’ batteries to ensure you always have as many motorbikes available as possible.

Do you provide helmets?

Yes! You’ll find 2 helmets in each motorbike's top case. Our team checks on the vehicles every 1.5 days on average and makes sure that helmets are clean.

Is it compulsory to wear gloves while riding?

In France, it’s compulsory to wear gloves for both the rider and the passenger.

In Spain, it’s not compulsory to wear gloves.

Do I have to use my own gloves? (France)

Yes, you have to use your own gloves. For hygienic reasons, we don’t provide them.