YEGO Business
What is YEGO Business?

YEGO Business is a solution for work teams who want to move around the city in a sustainable, fast and efficient way. It’s suitable for freelancers, small and big companies.

What are the services? What are the benefits?

We offer 2 services to adjust to everyone’s needs: Pro and Perks.

- Pro: Manage your professional rides from your Pro profile, or allow your employees to do the same from their YEGO app. It’s the most popular choice among freelancers, sales teams, and real estate companies.
- Perks: Offer green mobility at reduced prices to your employees. You decide whom to sponsor and for which amount. It's the most popular choice for companies looking for an innovative employee benefit.

How much does it cost?

Creating a Business account is free. Different conditions and prices apply to Pro and Perks:

- Pro: The standard price/min of the city is charged on the company’s payment method.
- Perks: The company decides the amount to sponsor on Packs or Plans for its employees. By default, it’s 50% off the total price, but you can set a maximum limit. E.g.: if you sponsor 50% off Packs and Plans and a Pack costs €29.90, the company pays €14.95 and the employee pays €14.95.

Do I need to download another app?

No, you can access both your personal and Business profile from your YEGO app, switching between one and the other from the app menu. The app colour changes to help you recognise which profile you’re using.

What does my company gain?

YEGO Business is a green and smart choice for your company.

With Pro, you can finally forget about gathering all the receipts from your team and manage everything efficiently.
Perks means offering an innovative benefit to your employees and can help attract new talent.

Moreover, if your company is French, you can benefit from "forfait mobilités durables", which grants up to €500 per employee, tax-free for the company. Learn more at the following link: