Where can I park?

Park within YEGO’s operating area and always prioritise motorbike parking spots. In most cities, once you book a motorbike, we’ll show you motorbikes parking spots on the map. It’s a way to help you locate them, but we can’t guarantee that they’re available. Moreover:

- If you’re in Paris: You can also park next to cars, perpendicular to the sidewalk, in paid parking spots. It’s free for motorbikes.

- If you’re in Bordeaux: You can also park in parking spots reserved for shared motorbikes.

Where is it not allowed to park?

Go to the app menu and select YEGO Academy > City rules to find out the parking rules of the city you are in. We have compiled useful information to help you drive safely. Also, don’t park somewhere only because other motorbikes are parked there. It doesn’t mean you're allowed to park there!

Can I park in the blue zone? (Spain)

No, it is not possible. Even if you park at a time when the signs allow it, it is possible that after a few hours it will no longer be allowed.